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           The Art bus is a multi-layered outreach project.

       This project stemmed from my thesis subject "ART IS LANGUAGE". It points to all forms of art as a viable form of expression and communication. It is a program created to assist under-served populations to use art as a tool of literacy that stretches beyond the limits of standard language.
     I try to locate the bus in an areas easily accessible to shelters that have day closing policies. I supply free journals, sketchbooks, drawing and painting materials as well as clay and ceramic tools accompanied by free lessons in their use. I  supply a small amount of food and informational literature for assistance with daily living. My hope is to encourage people to create art they can share with friends or sell to the public .  I also want to work toward assisting in showing and selling works of art created by shelter residents in local venues.  I  display my personal poetry and art around the bus as a way to encourage thought, conversation and the development of new avenues of expression for personal voice. The bus is a future stage for public mobile 3d mapping projection projects. Eventually I would also like to use it as a mobile installation art venue. SORRY to say ... the art bus is at present immobilized and has been since Covid.

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